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Vera Passage-Remezond
06-05-2013 10:57

2013-05-05: What a great pleasure I had. I have enjoyed the music, the performers and dancers. It was very nice to have a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher. Later on we all enjoyed the good food. I had a very nice day thanks to Rene and Nora Ranti. Greetings Vera.
10-01-2013 22:43

Sending much Aloha from Oahu. I wish you all the best in your quest of keeping Hawaiian music alive in the Netherlands!!
Vera Passage-Remezond
02-09-2012 20:30

I met Mr. & Mrs. Ranti yesterday at a party in de Bilt and they told me about their foundation with such an enthusiasm. I am also a fan of the music and dance of the pacific. I would like so say: keep up the good work! I wish them loads of succes. Greetings Vera.
Cees Bakker
22-01-2012 19:57

I know Nora and René Ranti for some years and I admire the way they are promoting Polynesian music, dance and life style with their Pacifica Touch Foundation nationally and internationally, investing lots of time and money. The Hawaiian music and dance extravaganza’s with steel guitar performances from all over the world, organised by their Foundation, are gaining much success and are meanwhile the only platform for Hawaiian music in the Benelux. Keep on going and good luck guys!

Cees Bakker, music and musical instruments publicist
Bram Titaley
05-06-2011 17:19

Hallo Rene & Nora,

Hoe gaat het?
Zo dat is al weer een week geleden dat ik
Jullie heb mogen ontmoeten bij tong2 fair.... net voor de Grand Finale, Makana & Balawan, ja het was grandioos alleen jammer dat het zo snel was afgelopen.....aduh, wat hadden we het koud mijn zoon en ik .... maar wel de moeite waard toch!
Na afloop zijn we maar snel naar huis gegaan....oh ja bijna vergeten zeg!
Ik hoop dat er binnenkort een hawaiaanse feestavond is zodat ik jullie kan bewonderen..... ALOHA.... Bram Titaley
13-02-2011 19:32

Much aloha from Hawai'i. Ahonui, be patient and keep putting the word out. It will happen. God bless!
Professor Peter
23-01-2010 17:49

We heard from you in Amsterdam during a concert of the Sweet Hollywaians.
We wish you succes and many small instruments.

Small Instrument Society
Professor Peter and Doctor Dick
Merle & Patrick Owens
30-06-2009 12:58

This is a brilliant initiative which deserves great success. Helping conserve and promote cultural and musical diversity at a time when everything is becoming converged and blended can only be a good thing.

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